Game drives

Our custom-built safari vehicles offer comfort, panoramic viewing, dedicated safari guides, refreshments on-board and radio-links for fast location of game. Easy access to Tsavo West and East National Parks allows for fantanstic game viewing in Kenya's largest and one of the oldest National Parks. The game drives are often timed to coincide with sundowners in the bush. A night game drive, permitted only on private reserves and conservancies, is a specialised activity, which typically takes place after dinner in a vehicle especially equipped with warm blankets, hot drinks, and a powerful hand-held lamp, which is used to sweep the bush for likely sightings. Night time is the exclusive domain of hunters such as lions and leopards, and the only time when you may catch a glimpse of such elusive nocturnal creatures such as aardvarks, civet cats, white-tailed mongoose and cape hares. Fortunately, these can be arranged on the private conservancies that our properties are located in.