Frequently asked questions
Are there snakes in the area?
We are not saying you won't ever see a snake but it is rare anyone does.
How safe is the lodge?
Your security and well-being is something we obviously take very seriously. At night there are “askari” (watchmen), some of whom are armed and trained police reservists and who have been with us for years. The askaris patrol throughout the night and are available to walk you between your rooms and the mess areas. We also have a ‘community watch’ who patrol the beach after dark and who are in radio contact with our askaris.
Do you provide Laundry Services?
A laundry service is provided; clothes are hand washed, sun dried and ironed with a charcoal iron.
Do you have an espresso machine?
We offer plunge coffee/ ice coffee
Is there 24/7 power supply?
Power is provided through a generator and an inverter system. Generator times: 06.00am – 7.00am; 10.00am - 12.00pm; 05.00pm – 08.00pm
What children activities are available at H12 Delta Dunes?
Sand yachting, swimming, beach, fishing (age group 4-11), board games
What can we carry for activities?
Sand buckets, swimming costume, board games and also cards to play.