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H12 Africa together with the local communities surrounding our properties, aims to improve the standard of living, education, employment & medical assistance in the area whilst seeking to conserve the beautiful, fragile habitat. A conservation fee is paid to the Trust for every guest that stays at our properties. The conservation activities carried out by the trust include: Biodiversity research, protection and monitoring; Human- wildlife conflict resolution; community sensitisation and partnership coordination; fence and infrastructure development and maintenance; project supervision; water provision and habitat restoration. These activities are severely hindered by the terrain and the lack of basic infrastructure in some of the areas. It is necessary therefore that the trust, on behalf of the community, reaches out for extra support to sustain its conservation actions and ensure more effective coverage by the scouts and outreach personnel. The trust on behalf of the community is therefore continually seeking assistance to ensure that the conservation activities are sustained. If you wish to participate in any way, contact us for more details.

Saving Lives in Mbulia

H12 Wildlife Conservation Trust

Karibujua at Kipalo

Mbulia Conservancy

Karibujua at the Delta

Lower Tana Delta Conservation Trust