Lower Tana Delta Conservation Trust

Karibujua at the Delta

150,000 acres community conservation Trust is owned and managed by the local indigenous communities, and is a partner of H12 Delta Dunes Lodge. Together we aim to improve the standard of living, education, employment medical assistance in the area whilst seeking to conserve the beautiful, fragile wetland habitat. A conservation fee is paid to the Trust for every guest that stays at the lodge.

H12 Delta Dunes works with the local community, who are all members of the Lower Tana Delta Conservation Trust, in bettering their standard of living whilst also conserving the unique and ecologically important wetland of the Tana Delta. Through a bed night and conservation fee from every paying guests, the Lodge can support various projects and help bring an income to these marginalized people.

As well as assisting the community, the Lodge funds the community game scout anti-poaching unit, as well as the demarcation of the proposed community conservancy of 50,000 hectares. In collaboration with generous guests, H12 Delta Dunes built and continues to support a nursery school in Darge Galge Village and the Lodge covers the teacher’s monthly salary. H12 Delta Dunes also supports the local women‘s groups and sells their handicrafts in the lodge shop as well as at fairs in Nairobi throughout the year.

Through an organization based in Milan, Karibu Jua, H12 Delta Dunes is also helping to improve the education of children in this marginalized area, and provide scholarships to secondary students that score the highest in their finals, but who cannot afford to attend secondary school. The Lodge has funded and has plans for other sustainable projects with the local community such as bee-keeping and bio-gas units that bring both income to the local indigenous community, but also help conserve the unique wetland area.