Mbulia Conservancy

Karibujua at Kipalo

12,000 acres opening onto the Tsavo National Park (bigger than Switzerland) community conservation Trust is owned and managed by the local indigenous communities, and is a partner of H12 Kipalo Hills.

Mbulia Conservancy was initiated with the local community who wanted to develop a tourism initiative on their otherwise underutilized land. The agreement was struck between Mbulia Ranch and Amara Conservation who leased the 12,000 acre conservation area to build H12 Kipalo Hills.

The area is also an essential dry-season dispersal area for over 11,000 elephant in Tsavo, as well as numerous other wildlife and bird-life. Kipalo fund-raised to fence Mbulia into Tsavo West National Park, a project that was successfully concluded a few years back.

H12 Kipalo Hills employs and trains people from the local villages to work in the lodge, as well as 12 game-scouts from the local community to patrol the conservancy. Their efforts continue to make a monumental difference as increasingly more wildlife, including the endangered African Wild Dog, are choosing to call the conservancy their home.

Conservation fees from paying guests staying at H12 Kipalo Hills go towards running the conservancy and protecting the wildlife, as well as towards social welfare projects for the Mbulia community.